Nayzel Sushil

I truly believe that a purpose lies behind every event. This includes the reasons people enter your life and the strength of the connections you build with them. I was born in a rural Fijian town called ‘Labasa’, primarily known for its canals and sugar cane. When I was three years old, my parents moved to New Zealand where we settled in South Auckland. Throughout my life, I always had a huge love and passion for dance, fashion, design, photography and music. Admittedly, I wanted to be a singer and tour the world, but God neglected to bless me with any vocal talent. Therefore my goals changed and I decided to develop a creative media company. One of my key objectives is to show how creative skill and concept can bring about change and influence others in a positive way.  My vision and goals are what keeps me going each day. My ultimate ambition is to transform Feature NZ  into a lifestyle brand, that people can personally relate to, a brand that pervades the cultural landscape of New Zealand and then proceeds to cross borders.